A typical rental period is for 3 days (or one weekend).  Decor can be rented for longer time periods.  Just let us know the dates needed and we'll check availability.

No, we do not include shipping time as part of the rental period.

We ship via UPS Ground (or faster service, if need be).  Upon shipping, we will provide you with the tracking number(s).

Please note: A signature will be required for delivery.  We can also ship to a UPS Store near you if that is a more convenient option.

No, return shipping is done and paid for by you.  Return via ground service, preferably UPS but FedEx is also acceptable.  Upon shipping, we will need you to provide us with the tracking number(s).

Our inflatables are rented out fully prepped with the fan attached.  All you need to do is plug it in.  Please note you'll need an outlet that provides consistent 110 power.

Yes, event decor installation is one of the services we offer.  We do installations for both local and out of town events.

For installation inquiries, contact us either through the Send A Message form on the Contact Us page or by sending an email to info@3dxinc.com.  Send us your name and contact info along with the event date(s) and location.  A member of our production team will then contact you for more details about your event and to answer any questions you have.

We absolutely want to know if there are specific decor pieces you would like included in your installation.  However, sometimes a venue layout is not compatible with certain types of decor. In addition, availability may factor in to the design process.  We will do our best to include decor that is requested, but the final design is done on our end to ensure it can be fully executed and done so safely.

No, our decor is only available for rental.  The only decor available for purchase is the customized branded decor.  Please see the Decor Branding section in our Catalog menu for more information.

We accept credit cards (Visa, MC and Amex) as well as Zelle payments.  Note there is a 3% transaction fee added to all credit card payments.

If you have a questions or need additional information, email us at info@3dxinc.com.  Our team will respond to you promptly.

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